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Once Upon a Time is our new topic for Spring 2019.

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History at Selby Community Primary School aims to equip children with the historical skills needed to find out about any period in the past, for example, by examining evidence critically and learning about the causes and consequences of events.


Children learn to use a variety of historical sources, including pictures, photos, documents and artefacts and to present what they find out in different ways. We aim to bring history alive in many different ways. For example, bringing in visitors, going on trips, role play and theme days.

We foster children’s growing sense of chronology, helping them to place the particular periods they study within an historical time frame. This is all clearly planned for within the whole school curriculum map.

Within the National Curriculum history is taught creatively in connection with the overarching school theme of the term. For example, in Year 2, the moon landing of 1969 is studied within ‘The Big Bang’ theme which ensures the requirement that ‘Key events in the past that are significant nationally and globally’ is adequately covered.

Historical skills are clearly differentiated following the Chris Quigley model which allows for clear progression and outcomes in history.

(See separate document for details)

All children will be assessed as being either emerging, expected or mastering these milestones at the end of Year 2, 4 and 6.


Our curriculum - History Expected Skills at Years 2, 4 & 6


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